Plot Seeders

Working with our customers, we have developed dozens of different designs; three-point hitch, trailing gooseneck, disc opener, hoe opener, direct seeding, fertility trial, multiple cone, variable row spacing and more. The following photos show some of the seeders we've built over the past two decades.

It can be a daunting task to determine the specifications and equipment selection for a plot seeder. We're here to help! We'll ask you to define what it is you need your seeder to do. Does it need to have direct seeding capability? What about fertilizer placement? What are the seed bed conditions likely to be? These and other key questions will guide the process.

Click Here to see a list of questions you may want to consider in determining the design of your seeder. This will help us to prepare a detailed quote for your consideration.

R-Tech is pleased to offer Wintersteiger cone metering hardware on our seeders.

Disc Opener Seeders

Hoe Opener Seeders