Plot Sprayers

Our three-point hitch sprayers feature frames that are far stronger than most mass-produced commercial sprayers. We offer options such as multiple tank and pump combinations, PTO roller pump, hydraulic centrifugal pump or electric diaphragm pump choices, height-adjustable booms, electronic boom controls, cone bottom tanks, rinse tanks, multiple port nozzle bodies and removable wind shrouds.

Our sprayers feature tank drain lines with valves, low mount suction filters, removable pumps with cam lock fittings and a pump pressure management system.

A sprayer can be configured with many different specifications (tanks, pumps, nozzle bodies, etc.). Click Here to see a list of options you may want to consider in selecting your sprayer design. This will help us to prepare a detailed quote for your consideration.

Let us know what you need in a specialty sprayer and we'll build it for you.

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